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February 2018
Feature # 1
Lapis Lazuli

Vibrant Cobalt Blue
Delicate Gold Flecks
Fully Polished
Approx. 2.5H x 4.5L x 3Deep
Feature # 2
Heart Sampler

Two Rose Quartz Hearts
Two Selenite Hearts
One Obsidian Heart
Great Variety
Excellent Seller
Approx. 2.5-4W x 2.5-3.5L
Feature # 3

Shiny Lilac Metallic Color
Great Formation
Some Calcite Inclusions
Approx. 4H x 5W x 5Deep
Feature # 4
Rose Quartz Tower

Beautiful Rich Color
Wonderful Rainbows
Approx. 6H x 4.25W x 3.5Deep
Feature # 5
Natural Australian Opal
Six Cabochons

Excellent Quality
TONS of Fire
Purchased from an Old Collection
From Coober Pedy Mine, Australia
Approx. 14.2 Karats
Feature # 6
Quartz Crystal Cluster

Unique Formation
Great Clarity
Lots Of Rainbows
Approx. 11.5L x 8D x 5.5H
Feature # 7
Clear Quartz Double Terminated Sampler

Naturally Formed
Nice Variety
Approx. 1.5-3L
11 each for $70.00
Feature # 9
Clear Quartz Cluster

Perfect Glass Back
Large Points
Small Burr
Approx. 2H x 6L x 3Deep
Feature # 8

Beautiful Display Piece
Extra Gemmy Quality
Approx. 7.25H x 8.5W x 5.5Deep
Feature # 10
Cobaltoan Calcite

Very Vibrant Color
From Congo, Africa
Approx. 1.5-3.5L x 1-2W
5 Each for $80.00
Feature # 11
Quartz Crystal Cluster

Unique Shape
Some Minor Damage
Approx. 6.5L x 2Deep x 3H
Feature # 12
Quartz Crystal Cluster

Displays Well
Starburst Formation
Extra Sparkly
Approx. 5H x 7W x 8Deep
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