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Inventory Special # 124

Clear Quartz Tabby Point

Freshly Dug From Our Mine
Hand Shaped
Rainbow Inclusions
Good Clarity
Approx. 5L x 3W
Inventory Special # 125

Amethyst Points Flat

Commercial Grade
Good Purple Color
Great Deal!
Approx. 2-3.5L x 1-2W
9.7 lbs (Approx. 46 each) for $75.00
Inventory Special # 126

Orthocerus/Ammonite Fossil Sculpture

Black and White Fossils in Gray Limestone Matrix
Exquisite Display Piece
Beautifully Polished
Free Standing Sculpture
Views Equally Beautiful on Front and Back
Approx. 62H x 25L x (16W Base)
Inventory Special # 127

Petrified Wood Slab

Shows Red, Purple, Brown & Orange
12” x 10” x ¾” Thick
Inventory Special # 129

Amethyst Slab

13 x 11 x 3 thick
Dark purple Amethyst from Brazil
Curved up side makes for an easy & appealing display
Inventory Special # 128

Smoky Quartz Crystal Cluster

Self Standing
Natural Smoky
Large Substantial Points
Approx 5.5H x 8W
Inventory Special # 130

Rough Rose Quartz

From Madagascar
Extra Gemmy Color
Approx. 4-6 [Mixed Sizes Only]
$4/lb or 50lbs+ for $3/lb
Limited Time Offer
Inventory Special # 131

Polished Rose Quartz Points

Vibrant Rosy Pink Color
Great Retail Size
Self Standing
Approx. 2.5-3.5H
4 each for $44.00
Inventory Special # 132

Amethyst Mix

1LB of Each: Brazilian Points, Uruguayan Clusters and Small Points
Was $45.00
Now $32.50
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Inventory Special # 121

Clear Quartz Cluster

Freshly Dug From Our Mine
Manganese Inclusions
Self Standing
Near Perfect Condition
Great Shine
Large Points
Really Neat Piece
Approx. 7.5L x 7W
Inventory Special # 122

Wavelite Specimens

From Arkansas
Unique Crystallized Nodules
Various Shades of Apple Green
Approx. 6-9L x 3.5-4.5W
3 each for $150.00
Inventory Special # 123

Anhydrous Natural Smoky Quartz Specimen

Large Water Bubble Inclusions
Naturally free standing
Approx. 5.25H x 4.5W